2014 Minnesota Antique Bottle, Advertising, and Stoneware Show and Sale

No other show in Minnesota offers the unique blend of antique bottles, advertising, and stoneware featured at this event.  For 43 years, dealers from across the Midwest have traveled to the Twin City area to sell at this show.  We are pleased to announce our new location, the KC building on American Boulevard, just .2 miles west of Lyndale Avenue South in Bloomington.  The 6000 square foot show room will be filled with artifacts from the saloons, breweries, drug stores, country stores, barber shops, soda works, and potteries of the past.  Click on flyer below for more information.



Gluek Brewing Company Brewery Sign


We let this wonderful old sign slip through our hands 20+ years ago, and we are happy to have it back in the collection.  It is believed to have hung on the front of the Gluek Brewing Company main brewery building in Northeast Minneapolis.  The brewery was sold in 1964, and the building was razed in 1966.  This one is a real survivor.  43 X 18 inches.

Pre-Pro George Benz and Sons Oldays Rye Advertising Sign

This recent acquisition measures a whopping 44 X 36 inches.  The image of an old cabin-style  mountain distillery is in relief, the sign being made of a plaster-like substance (but much stronger and lighter) with a wooden frame.  George Benz a was major St. Paul and Minneapolis liquor dealer prior to Prohibition.  His many brands included Appetine Bitters, Uncle Sam’s Monogram Whiskey, Pickwick Rye, and Jack Silver Bourbon.  Bottles and jugs bearing these brand names are available and highly sought by collectors.  This item will eventually be for sale.

Buffalo Brewing Company, Sacramento, California, Self-Framed Tin Lithograph

We were very pleased to recently acquire this pre-Prohibiton advertising sign from the Buffalo Brewing Company of Sacramento, California.  Though it doesn’t quite fit with our Midwestern breweriana collection, we think it has a great deal to offer with its eye-grabbing depiction of early blob-top bottles all bearing colorful labels.

Self-Framed Buffalo Brewing Company Tin Lithograph Advertising Sign