2012 Favorite Finds

Early this year we visited Florida and attended the Sarasota Bottle Show.  We also roamed the countryside searching for items.  In a shop in Arcadia we found this Red Wing canteen decorated with two flags and the words “Our National Pride.”  We are proud to have this one in our collection!  Click on photo to enlarge.

2012 Favorite Finds

Schafer-Vater German porcelain whiskey nips are among our favorites.  We found this one in Tennessee this fall and it fits well with our other nippers.  Judging from the look on his face, the fellow is clearly anticipating a good drink once he pulls that cork!   A few other Schafer-Vater examples from our collection are pictured under “Bottles” on our web site.  Click on the photos for a closer look.

2012 Favorite Finds

We came across a lot of 6 Billy F. O’Hern calling cards at a local antiques show this year.  Shown here are the 4 varieties found within the 6 cards.  O’Hern was a Minneapolis liquor dealer.  He started business in 1903 and stayed open even after Prohibition was enacted, serving soft drinks.  Below are two other O’Hern items:  a Merry Christmas stein and a flask.

Pre-Pro George Benz and Sons Oldays Rye Advertising Sign

This recent acquisition measures a whopping 44 X 36 inches.  The image of an old cabin-style  mountain distillery is in relief, the sign being made of a plaster-like substance (but much stronger and lighter) with a wooden frame.  George Benz a was major St. Paul and Minneapolis liquor dealer prior to Prohibition.  His many brands included Appetine Bitters, Uncle Sam’s Monogram Whiskey, Pickwick Rye, and Jack Silver Bourbon.  Bottles and jugs bearing these brand names are available and highly sought by collectors.  This item will eventually be for sale.

Buffalo Brewing Company, Sacramento, California, Self-Framed Tin Lithograph

We were very pleased to recently acquire this pre-Prohibiton advertising sign from the Buffalo Brewing Company of Sacramento, California.  Though it doesn’t quite fit with our Midwestern breweriana collection, we think it has a great deal to offer with its eye-grabbing depiction of early blob-top bottles all bearing colorful labels.

Self-Framed Buffalo Brewing Company Tin Lithograph Advertising Sign

Captain Jack Flask

This fine old aqua coffin-style flask was manufactured by the Wm. McCully Glass Company of Pittsburgh (1841-1886).  It is embossed” W Mc C” on the hinge-mold style base.  It depicts a native American and is embossed with the caption “Capt Jack.”  Captain Jack was a Modoc warrior who twice led his people off the reservation in Oregon to which they had been assigned by the US Government.  Both times he brought them back to their homelands in California. When the US Army attempted to bring the Modocs back to Oregon again in 1872, war broke out.  Captain Jack and his band successfully fought the US Army, and during a meeting with the army, Captain Jack and his fellows killed two government representatives, including US Army General Edward Canby.  That brought the wrath of the US Government upon the Modocs and the tribe was finally defeated.   Captain Jack was hanged for the murder of General Canby in 1873.  We believe this flask was commissioned to commemorate the life and death of Captain Jack.  We also believe this flask should be assigned a McKearin number (perhaps in group I or maybe group XIII) and thereby added to the listings of significant American flasks.  After checking with numerous flask collectors, we are not aware of any other examples of this flask at this time.

Christian Stahlmann Brewing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

We were happy to recently acquire this metal lunch box embossed, “Compliments of Chr. Stahlmann Brewing Co. St. Paul, Minn.”  Stahlmann was one of Minnesota’s earliest brewers.  He died in 1888 and his family eventually sold the brewery to Jacob Schmidt.  Many brewers advertised that they were the working man’s friend, and Stahlmann no doubt had that idea in mind when he ordered these lunch boxes.  Three nesting compartments are found within, and when re-stacked this old treasure would hold a full lunch for a hungry worker.  This is one of the more unusual pieces of breweriana in our collection.

New Display Case

We recently added a second display case at Country Side Antique Mall in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. This case will focus primarily on advertising and country store items, including signs, trays, tobacco tins, spice tins, and cocoa tins. We also placed four vintage games in this case, all dating to circa 1900 and published by the Singer Co. of New York. The games are: The Donkey Game, The Game of Golf, Nellie Bly, and Shovel Board.

Our Booth

Our booth at Country Side Antiques in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

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