Pre-Prohibition New England Brewing Company Photo

While browsing a New England antique shop last fall we found this gem hanging on the wall during our second pass around the shop.  According to a penciled notation on the reverse, this jolly group is made up of the employees of the New England Brewing Co. of Hartford, Connecticut (1897 – Prohibition).  This image could easily be confused with some we have seen of circa 1970 frat parties.



Original Pawn Star Photo?

The Original Pawn Star?  We are excited to add this photo to our collection! According to the signs on the building facade, C.N. Rice could lend you money, sell you a horse and carriage, sharpen your saw, fix your clock and smith your locks.  A stamp on the reverse indicates this photo was taken by a photographer named Warrens who was located on the Post Office Block in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Bottle collectors take note:  Mr. Rice was located next to a liquor dealer.   The awning next door shows just enough in the photo to spell out the word “wines.”