2014 Minnesota Antique Bottle, Advertising, and Stoneware Show and Sale

No other show in Minnesota offers the unique blend of antique bottles, advertising, and stoneware featured at this event.  For 43 years, dealers from across the Midwest have traveled to the Twin City area to sell at this show.  We are pleased to announce our new location, the KC building on American Boulevard, just .2 miles west of Lyndale Avenue South in Bloomington.  The 6000 square foot show room will be filled with artifacts from the saloons, breweries, drug stores, country stores, barber shops, soda works, and potteries of the past.  Click on flyer below for more information.



Captain Jack Flask

This fine old aqua coffin-style flask was manufactured by the Wm. McCully Glass Company of Pittsburgh (1841-1886).  It is embossed” W Mc C” on the hinge-mold style base.  It depicts a native American and is embossed with the caption “Capt Jack.”  Captain Jack was a Modoc warrior who twice led his people off the reservation in Oregon to which they had been assigned by the US Government.  Both times he brought them back to their homelands in California. When the US Army attempted to bring the Modocs back to Oregon again in 1872, war broke out.  Captain Jack and his band successfully fought the US Army, and during a meeting with the army, Captain Jack and his fellows killed two government representatives, including US Army General Edward Canby.  That brought the wrath of the US Government upon the Modocs and the tribe was finally defeated.   Captain Jack was hanged for the murder of General Canby in 1873.  We believe this flask was commissioned to commemorate the life and death of Captain Jack.  We also believe this flask should be assigned a McKearin number (perhaps in group I or maybe group XIII) and thereby added to the listings of significant American flasks.  After checking with numerous flask collectors, we are not aware of any other examples of this flask at this time.